Wazirx Vs CoinDcx: My Experience with both exchanges?

Hey WhatsApp guys, I am using wazirx and coindcx exchange for the past few months. I love both wazirx and coindcx platforms but also hate both the platforms for some minor issues. Today I am comparing both of the crypto exchanges according to my experience. I am not a crypto expert or analyst but my few experiences with these platforms maybe help you. So let’s start the comparison between wazirx and coindcx.

Why wazirx is better than Coindcx?

P2P USDT deposit and withdrawal are one of my favorite features of wazirx. This feature helps you to directly buy or sell USDT via Peer to Peer. There are so many banks that are currently banning customers’ accounts for crypto-related transactions. So this is a clever way to skip the crypto transaction part. Coindcx currently does not have the feature.

Refer System: If you refer someone to wazirx you can earn a 50 percent trading fee from your friends. Sounds a little bit confusing right? ok, let me give you an example: if your friends buy 10000 rupees worth crypto you get half of the 0.2% trading fee (20 rupees). Means you got 10 rupees worth wazirx token. I know it is a little bit low in amount but if you think it about the long term, it is really a way of passive income. Just you have to refer more and earn more. But every coindcx refer you got one time 100 Rupees worth of ETH. But if you invite your friends to trade on CoinDCX Pro and both you and your friend can earn $25 each when your friend trades over a total of 5 BTC across CoinDCX.

Binance Support: Binance is the world’s largest crypto exchange. If you have any trust issue with wazirx, just forget it. You can transfer your wazirx find directly through your Binance account via one click. No extra charge, totally zero cost. In case of a govt ban, we can move our portfolio swiftly to Binance.

UI: Wazirx app is more user-friendly than coindcx pro. Coindcx is also good but coindcx pro is not user-friendly. Also, coindcx is super user-friendly just for a crypto beginner but also it does not have so many features and coins compared to coindcx pro.

Stop Loss: Wazirx has a stop feature but currently, coindcx does not have this feature.

Why Coindcx is better than Wazirx?

No Deposit and withdrawal fee: If you compare wazirx with coindcx, it takes a fee when you deposit or withdrawal your money. Rs 10 rupees for every withdrawal, 1.5 percent MobiKwik gateway deposit fee( plus GST extra), 0.236 percent UPI deposit fee. Where Coindcx does not charge any deposit or withdrawal fee.

Better Server: Every time when market crash or bitcoin dump comes, the wazirx server literally crashes within a few hours. I really have a bad experience with the wazirx server. I brought MANA around 166 rupees and I can’t sell it when it going around 250 rupees just because I can’t cancel or place a new sell order in wazirx. Coindcx has a more stable server than wazirx.

Volatile Market: Wazirx crypto chart is updated every nano-second when someone order or sells something in crypto. I don’t know but I see a huge green candle and a red candle within a few seconds in wazirx. Also wazirx crypto market was not stable. IDK, but when mana reached around its all-time high 383 INR in wazirx but in coindcx mana’s highest price was showing 325. Also when some new coin lists in wazirx, the price of the coin shows damn high in wazirx. I brought SHIB on the launch day on wazirx When the price of SHIB was 0.00002037 USDT on wazirx but coinmarketcap showed its price around 0.000006 USDT something. So I already brought the coin at a 3x higher price than the regular market. Sad but true. Coindcx has a more stable market than wazirx.

More Coins: Currently wazirx exchanges offer you 356 coins to trade but coindcx offers 495 coins.

Round Figure Amount: You can buy any amount of coin starting from a minimum of 10 rupees (Only On Coindcx), in coindcx pro the minimum amount is 100. Also, you can buy 1000 rupees worth crypto or 2.312 Sand or 0.0001234 ETH.


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