Ok, first of all, I am an android user for the past 7 years. Finally this year I brought an iPhone. In this blog, I share all about the pros and cons that I faced with this iPhone 12 mini.


Why do I buy iPhone over android?

The main reason why I brought this iPhone 12 mini is because of the camera. There are many phones under 40k with hardcore allrounder features but their camera is not too good compared to iPhone. Also, I love small phones because I think they are cute and handy. Until now, I believe iPhone 12 mini has a pretty good camera and a powerful processor under 40k.




What do I love about iPhone 12 mini?

UI: There are a few things I think I genuinely loved it. The first is the UI. Damn it is too good. I love the theme, font, and design. Every icon and notification bar design is too cool. Secondly, I love the camera, the photos are really realistic, not like android phones. Especially the video. I finally understand why most bloggers use iPhone over android for video shoots.


Display: The OLED display is so eye soothing. Although the screen size is a little small from the average size of the phone but I  can easily enjoy any movies, youtube videos without any issues.


Mini Size: Most of my phones were broken due to accidentally slipping from my hand. It was not easy to control a big size phone one-handed.

My iPhone 12 mini was too handy when it comes to size. I cant use it one-handed flawlessly.



Processor: iPhone 12 mini has one of the best processors under a 50k(INR) phone budget. A14 Bionic is still top 5 best processors although it was released in Sept 2020. I have 150+ apps installed on my phone and I open all the recent tabs and jump over flawlessly without any lag.


Camera: I love this camera. Damn, it is so realistic and the video quality is so smooth like butter at 60 fps. The slow-mo is too good. The live photo effect and gallery album memory like google photos features are too op.









What do I hate about 12 Mini?

Battery: There are many things I hate about this phone, The battery is too short, and You can not survive a single day with a one-time charge. You need a minimum of two times the full charge for regular use. I am a phone addict person so that’s why I have to buy an extra power bank and carry an apple lighting cable every time when I move around from my home. Because most of my friends have android phones, I can’t charge my iPhone because none of them has a lighting cable. They have type c and micro USB cables because android is a much bigger community than iPhone in India. Also, after 5 months of uses, my battery health drops down to 93%.




Costly Accessories: I have to admit it because of the apple branding value, I have to pay 800 for the phone cover and 1100 for the Glass protector. There are no cheap accessories like an android. iPhone 12 mini 40k but charger around 2k, glass protector starting from 500(if you buying a branded product), the cover price is starting from 400.  The apple accessories are so costly. I don’t like the fact that apple earpods and power banks are genuinely costly.




Network Issue: I don’t know if it’s a bug or iPhone issue, but I really face network issues on 12 mini. Most of the time I connected to a wifi network but it shows no internet. I just turn flight mode on and then off, then reconnect to wifi because that is the only way to solve this issue. This issue happens to me so many times.  


Default Lock: I don’t like the face id as my default lock for my payment apps. I rather use a pin to open my payment app. Most of the time I have to wait 3-4 seconds just to iPhone read my face wrong and show a pinned window. I have to properly place my iPhone in front of my face to unlock the phone but sometimes that does not happens when you are outside and roaming around in a busy place or the phone is too close to your face.


Heating Issue: When you are playing heavy games like pubg or cod or using the video camera sometimes you really feel the heat in your hand. This phone is heat like crazy. 





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