How To Update Multiple PC Software at once

Hey Whatsapp Guys, In this tutorial I will show you how you can install, update or uninstall all necessary pc apps in one click. Suppose you purchase a new desktop/laptop then you need some basic pc software to operate your pc properly. Instead of visiting every software download site, you can do it with one click and update all apps regularly without any hassle. Let’s find out How?


Go to this website and download it.

When you open Patch My Pc updater, you will see a bunch of different software listed on different categories.

  • Not-installed programs will be shown in – Black
  • Outdated programs will be shown in – Red
  • Updated programs will be shown in – Green

Just mark the software you want to install on your pc and click perform updates. You can mark as much software as you want. Also if you find a specific software then you can find that one by typing the software name in the search bar.


  • It is a portable application that doesnot install on your pc . Just TAP and Play
  • You can install and update over 300+ apps via patchmypc
  • No bloatware and no ads
  • It is totally free,
  • Portable app ,app size about 3MB
  • Quickly Install,uninstall or update multiple programs
  • All update feature,Run on startup availble
  • You can set a update schedule
  • Outdated software often contains security vulnerabilities bugs that are often resolved in the latest version. These are some of the reasons why it’s essential to keep the apps updated 

If you like my content then feel free to comment with your thoughts. I really appreciate your feeling. Thank You


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