How to Track IP In Omegle

Omegle is a free online video&text chatting website Launched in 2009. It allows users to connect with each other without any signup. It is based on peer to peer (p2p) network method, meaning the users connect through the IP address and communicate with each other. So in this tutorial, I will teach you how you can track others’ IPs within a seconds and know the exact location where they are from. You don’t have to write any code for this trick. Just a simple extension can save your day.

How to track IP in omegle

Open your chrome/brave browser and search chrome web store. Open chrome web store and search Omegle IP locator and download that. Or just click the link below to download.

After That just open Omegle and type your interest then enter.

You can see not only the IP address of the stranger but also the country where they live, region, city, and the name of their internet provider company just like below.

omegle ip track

What is The Risk of Sharing IP Address?

If another person has your IP address they can flood your internet connection with packets. This is called DDoS Attack. Many consumer’s internet connections can be easily overwhelmed by a low volume of DDoS attacks.

How to prevent Omegle from sharing your IP?

The only way to prevent those types of attacks is a VPN. It hides your original Public IP Address and creates a fake one. That also hides your location and make you slightly anonymous on the internet. But make sure to choose a good VPN because many VPN earn money by selling your personal data like your search history, interest your logs, etc.

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