How to Record Online Meet/Zoom Classes

Hey WhatsApp guys, I will show you how you can record your online class on your desktop/laptop in this blog. This simple chrome extension can save your day. I use this extension daily to record my online google meet classes.

Step 1: Download The Extension

At first go to chrome ( Chromium Based Browsers like Brave, Vivaldi, Opera, etc) and go to this website . Then just click add to chrome. It will redirect you to the chrome web store. Download and install the extension. Extension size 181 KB( less than any other screen recording software)

Step 2: Setup The Extension

Just click the extension icon on the right side of your browser. It shows 3 option record your screen/camera/screen+ camera. Select screen option. Then select the system audio option(Select the mic+system option if you want to record your voice during any class). After that, you see there are 3 different options showing on your screen. 1. Entire Window that captures the entire pc screen (Not recommened). 2. Window that capture any application window (If your class is on the Zoom app or any software then use this). 3. Tab This only record specific browser tab (If your class happens on google meet try this). Choose your preference and click start. If you finished your class then just click on stop sharing. A simple video preview must pop up on your screen. Just click save and download the video on your pc. This file format should be in WebM format. You can play this WEBM video with the help of a VLC/KM player or this extension also have an inbuilt video player.

Why This Extension is better than any other software:

No watermark Ultra Small size 182KB < 1MB

Runs on any low-end PC.

No lag or software crash

Inbuilt Video Player

Compressed WEBM video format(smaller than mp4)

Available for Mac, Windows, Chrome, and Edge browsers.

Free unlimited video records Secure & works offline

Best way to Record Online Meet/Zoom Classes


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