How to Lock Google Chrome Browser On PC

Hey guys, In this blog I am gonna talk about how you protect your browser by using a simple password. This simple trick really helps me a lot. I remember those days when one of my friends read all of my Facebook messenger and viral those chats without my permission. Don’t worry, this will not happen to you, because I am here to solve your problem. This lock system really helps me to restrict random people to open my browser. Every time you open your browser it asks you for a password. No forgot password option is available. Ok, so let’s learn how to do it

Step By Step Guide:

  • Open your browser and search chromepw.
  • Click the first search result. It will redirect you to the chrome web store.
  • If you can’t find the extension by search then just click here. Install the chromepw extension in your browser.
  • Right-click the extension icon and select the settings option.
  • Type the password in your password box on the right side.Repeat the password again.
  • Type any password relaste phases or hint or somthing related to your password in the hint box. Because there is no forgot password option. If you forgot your password you have to uninstall your browser.

  • Ok..then select auto-lock timer. Just the same as a mobile auto lock. It will automatically lock your browser when you are inactive for a few seconds or minutes( depends on your set timer).
  • Close your browser and try to reopen it. See the magic. Now your browser is totally locked.
  • No one ever open your browser or bypass the password. They have to type the right password to access the browser.

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